This course is a pass for those who want to work in IT

While training, you will get to know testing basics: why we need it, who and how to perform it and what tools are used. You don’t need special technical knowledge. You only need to be interested in IT and have a desire to study.  

How we help with job placement

The graduates, who showed the best results, get a chance to join a1qa team. 

Other graduates, who completed our QA training course, can rely on our substantial preparation for job placement.

  • We will create a reference letter, which will make you visible among other candidates to get a job.  
  • We hold a mock interview to let you feel comfortable during the real interview with an HR- manager. 
  • We help to create a resume to show your strengths to your future employer.   
  • We share lifehacks on how to upgrade your LinkedIn profile in order to freely apply for best vacancies 

What will the QA tester training course include?

You get a profound theoretical and practical base to prepare for work in the IT sphere. 

Teaching QA basics

During 11 lectures trainers will explain how a testing process is organized and what employers expect from Junior QA specialists 

A lot of practice

While working on 6 practical tasks you will see how the testing process works from inside and what tools should be mastered to start working and earning 

Home assignments to get experience

You are going to test websites and write reports to become proficient and not to be afraid of QA tasks and your trainers will check everything and say what should be improved 

Turbo - training for your future job

Our trainers are interested in your growth, and they are keen on you joining the company. So, they will pay you a lot of attention 

Get the necessary skill to apply for Junior QA Engineer (Tester) vacancy

This is what you can mention in your resume after completing QA basic course. 

Create testing documentation
Test websites and databases
Create external and internal test results documentation
Define the target audience of test results documentation
Consider stages of typical defect life cycle
Create attachments to defects and draft them properly
Achieve full test coverage while testing
Work with Jira
Communicate with a team of developers on their language

Sign up for “Software QA engineer training”

Our manager Ekaterina will provide you with the details about training. 


After the course completion you will get a personal certificate. 

We give bonuses to those, who worked hard during the course

 20% discount on the course of English  

We are inviting our graduates to our QA English Basics course which will help you gain technical English for international projects. 

A reference letter

Those students who worked hard will get a reference letter. It will give them an advantage when looking for their first job. 

Teaching Method from Experts

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Lectures are twice a week, in the evening on weekdays
You can watch them recorded in your spare time if you can’t join them live.
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Home assignments with pleasant deadlines
The tasks that are simple are assigned during the weekdays, the ones which are a bit more complicated are given for the weekends. The focus is made on the tasks that testers face every day.
Immersing in the context and networking
You get access to the bug-tracking tool Jira and the company corporate knowledge base and to the chat of a trainer with other trainees.
Close communication with trainers
Hands-on QA specialists will be happy to share their experience with you and answer your questions about the profession.
A final test in the format of a talk
You will talk with a trainer who will make sure you are ready to start in QA.
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Focus on job placement
We are ready to offer a job in a1qa to the best students. All the graduates without any exceptions get our assistance in preparing for a job interview with an employer.
QA Academy is the quality assurance training from the international QA company

Our training center works on the base of a1qa company which has provided software QA services since 2003. Alongside the training, you can get a job, becoming a junior tester in a1qa with the support of experienced testers. 

Our trainers will help you become a tester

Right now, a1qa needs excellent freshers with solid theoretical base and beginner skills. Our trainers know it and that is why they will do their best to help you confidently start your career in testing and get a job with our company. 

They have 5+ years of experience in QA and they test projects for customers from 39 countries  

They have passed special training to effectively help you gain skills in testing  


93% of our graduates are happy with the training and are ready to recommend us to their friends  


Sign up for “Software QA engineer training”

Our manager Ekaterina will provide you with the details about training. 


Get the necessary skill to apply for Junior QA Engineer (Tester) vacancy

  • Create testing documentation  
  • Test websites and databases  
Знакомство с игровыми движками, рендерингом, UI, 2D-, 3D-графикой
  • Create external and internal test results documentation  
Тестирование геймплея в Windows, Android, iOS и соцсетях
  • Define the target audience of test results documentation  
  • Consider stages of typical defect life cycle  
что делает тестировщик
  • Create attachments to defects and draft them properly  
  • Achieve full test coverage while testing  
основные принципы
  • Work with Jira  
    • Communicate with a team of developers on their language  


The price of the course is 143,000 ₸

If you get a job as a tester, the course pays for itself in the first month.


The curriculum of the software QA training course from QA Academy

Within the course, we have 11 lectures and 6 tasks with feedback from a trainer. At the end of the course, we are going to have a test in the format of a talk to let your trainer understand how well you grasped the knowledge. As a result, you will get a personal certificate of the course completion. 

1. Introduction to software testing
  • QA, QC, testing 
  • The place of testing the process of software development  
  • Stages of software development and participants of this process  
2. Working with defects: description and structure of defects
  • Description and structure of defects 
  • Rules of selecting severity  
  • Basic mistakes when describing defects and how to avoid them 
3. Basic tools of a tester
  • What to start testing with 
  • Task and bug tracking tool JIRA 
  • Getting to know the corporate system Wiki and email 
  • Utilities to capture the screen and video 
4. Bug Life Cycle and approaches to testing
  • Bug Life Cycle in JIRA 
  • Understanding status and resolution  
  • Prioritization of checks performance 
  • Levels of testing (types of tests based on coverage) 
  • Testing activities  
5. Virtual Machines
  • Why we need to use virtual machines when testing 
  • How to create, set a virtual machine by the example of VirtualBox  
  • Guest additions 
  • Snapshots   
6. Testing documentation and test design techniques
  • Testing Documentation: Acceptance Sheet, Test Survey, Check List 
  • A checklist to test web-applications  
  • Test Cases: structure and detailing. Tools to manage tests. 
  • Concept and goals of test design. The method of equivalence partitioning   
  • Analysis of threshold values  
7. Testing of web-applications
  • Cache and cookies 
  • HTML and CSS basics 
  • Usage of DevTools when testing web-application  
  • Getting to know Fiddler  
8. Test results documentation
  • Test results documentation: internal and external 
  • Metrics and ways of assessing quality  
  • Quality report structure 
9. Project Life cycle
  • Models of a project life cycle  
  • Agile processes of software development (Agile) 
  • Models (Scrum, Kanban)  
10. Testing — what types of testing do we have?
  • Overview and aims of basic types of testing  
  • Types of technical testing  
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform testing  
11. Databases testing
  • Types of databases. Relational databases normalizing, relations  
  • Databases. Types of databases database management systems Normal forms 
  • Basic knowledge of SQL syntaxis 
Final test and awarding a certificate

Final video-interview with a mentor to check your knowledge  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help with job placement?

Yes, we do. We are considering offering a job at a1qa for the most successful course graduates. If you would like to work for another company, we will also provide any support: help create a resume and a LinkedIn profile, hold a mock job interview, write a reference letter. 

Who does this course suit?

The curriculum is aimed at beginners in IT and those unfamiliar with QA specific nature. We don’t hold any entrance exams for this Quality Assurance training. The training goes smoothly, from simple to difficult and technical terms will be explained in a simple way. 

What are the requirements for the course participants?

There are no requirements. This is a course for beginners. You only need to be interested in IT. 

What should I learn before the course starts?

Any knowledge you have in this sphere will be valuable. It will be great if you have some general understanding of testing. But you don’t need any specific knowledge: you will learn everything from scratch during the course. 

What equipment do I need to pass the course?

You will need a PC or a laptop with the following characteristics: 

  • Updated version of Windows, macOS or Linux. 
  • RAM minimum 4 GB (better 8 GB). 
  • Hard drive with minimum of 20 GB free space. 
  • Stable Internet connection to take part in online classes, to complete home assignments and to access training materials.  
Do I need English to pass the course?

The training is in English and Russian languages. You will need English only when working, for example, to work on international projects, to google something specific things, to get some experience from colleagues. It is better to improve your English up to B1 level. Join our QA English Basics course to learn to communicate better with foreign teams. 

How much time do I need to spend on training?

Our QA training for beginners is 2 months or 8 weeks. The classes will be held on weekdays in the evening, 2 academic hours each. All the lectures will be recorded, and you will have a chance to watch them again if necessary. The course includes 6 home assignments where you will need 8-10 academic hours for each task. 

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a personal certificate signed by the director of our training center. 

Will I be able to work as a tester after I complete this course?

Yes, you will be able to apply for all the vacancies for Junior level specialists. The best graduates are invited to work for our team. To upgrade your value on the market, sign up for several stages of our courses. For example, after the basic course we recommend taking the Advanced course. The more skills you have, the higher your salary is. 

Can I join your course if I am not from Kazakhstan?

Yes, we conduct testing courses in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia and other countries. We don’t care where you live. The main thing is that you have access to the Internet and know Russian to understand the material and complete assignments.

How to pay for the course?

Send a request from this page and our administrator will contact you. You will get a special code to enter on the payment page. When facing some issues, the administrator will eagerly help you. 

Why should I start training with QA Academy?

We teach as if for ourselves. We offer the best graduates a job in our company. So, we are interested in you getting the maximum knowledge during the course. You will be taught by hands-on testers, who know and love their job. Besides, we specialize only in QA, and we can precisely monitor the course quality. 


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