QA Automation

Why do we need automation testing?

QA has a lot of routine tasks, especially when releases come several times a week on your project. It is much more convenient to automate the repetitive processes not to get burned down and to do more interesting tasks. To perform it, you have to learn to program, at least at the basic level. 

4 lectures

on automation, OOP and Git  

5 tasks

similar to the ones from real projects

6-7 weeks

of a course duration

2 times a week

classes on weekdays

Training for testers who want to learn programming

This course is for those who understand the basics of programming and have already tried functional testing and wish to join automation testing. On the course, you will learn basic principles of automation. If you are eager to dive deeper into the topic, we are inviting you to join our advanced course on automated QA testing. 

Those who are familiar with QA basis and who have already tried themselves in functional testing 

Graduates of our basic and advanced courses in testing.  

Those who have a general understanding of programming, OOP, Java language syntaxis.   

What are you going to learn during QA automation course in Java?


Знакомство с игровыми движками, рендерингом, UI, 2D-, 3D-графикой
Learning the basis of programming
You will learn to manage variables, classes, interfaces and collections; also, you will learn the key aspects of object-oriented programming (OOP).
изучение простых алгоритмов
Introduction to algorithms
This is the basis of the whole programming. You will understand how to create basic algorithms, be able to draft more effective programs, automate tasks and minimize errors which could appear during manual testing.
Рекомендательное письмо, которое увеличит шанс трудоустройства (доступно для лучших студентов)
Implementing regular expressions
You will learn basic syntax of regular expressions to speed up work and automate text data processing.
что делает тестировщик
First steps in Git
This popular version control system allows you to effectively communicate with developers in future. You will see how Git helps synchronize work on a product and you will understand Git interface.
основные принципы
Understanding how to manage a project build.
You will learn to automate programming code packaging and manage its versions, via Git as well.

How are you going to study?

work-svgrepo-com 2
Training is held in the evening on weekdays
Each lecture is 2 academic hours. It is better not to miss classes, but we show understanding in this respect. The lecture can be watched again, as the recorded version is available all the time.
Home assignments
You will solidify the knowledge you get in our lectures and prepare for work by completing home assignments. We try to give tasks that really appear on projects. Completing an assignment may take from 6 to 20 academic hours – the same as you may have at real work.
laptop-svgrepo-com 1
A trainer evaluates your work and says what can be optimized and refined. A fresh look from a hands-on expert is always useful.
investigation-svgrepo-com 1
Communication for growth and networking
A mentor and other students will help you cope with new tasks. We don’t leave trainees alone facing difficulties. You can discuss tasks and unclear points you came across during the lecture in our mini community.

The curriculum of automation training courses

Version control system Git

A lecture and practical tasks 

  • VCS 
  • Git 
  • Collaborative development  
  • A work cycle in the version control system Checkout, Merge, Commit, Push 
  • Repository work 
A lecture and practical tasks Maven Project structure Dependencies life cycle Project Object Model Predefined variables

A lecture and practical tasks

  • Maven 
  • Project structure  
  • Dependencies life cycle  
  • Project Object Model 
  • Predefined variables   
Regular expressions

A lecture and practical tasks

  • Regular expressions 
  • Syntax of regular expressions  
  • Examples of implementation   
Programming basis

A lecture and practical tasks

  • Working with files 
  • Collections 
  • Override 
  • Overload  
  • Classes, abstract classes, interfaces  
  • Constructors 
  • Principles of OOP  
  • Accessibility modifiers  
  • Static variables and methods  
Programming basis. Simple algorithms

A practical task 

  • Algorithms  
  • Collections  
  • Principles of OOP 
  • Exception handling 
Final exam

Conversation with the teacher

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What will you be able to add to your resume after completing automation training?

I understand how QA automation works;
I know programming basics (ООP, classes, objects, variables, constructions, accessibility modifiers);
I can work with Git, manage a project build and the source code;
I know basic algorithms and I can use them in QA;

By the end of the course, you will be ready to join our next advanced course in testing automation. There you will go deeper with using Java and work with Selenium WebDriver.  

After the course completion you will get a personal certificate. Your future employer will be able to check its validity in Base of course graduates «QA Academy».. 


QA Academy is a part of a1qa company which has provided testing services since 2003.

A lot of our projects need well-qualified freshers who can take up QA tasks. That is why we offer a job for course graduates with great pleasure. 

Take a leap into new perspectives for your career. Join our automation testing courses for beginners.


Your salary grows with automatization and projects get more interesting

Recently several big companies have entered Kazakhstan market, and they are still actively looking for employees. 

Finance sector 

Business software 

Business software 

Lifestyle apps 

It is important for new companies to take the lead and speed up processes due to QA automatization, because it helps maintain the quality of a product to make customers happy. Companies are ready to pay above the average salaries only to attract the most talented employees. 

A lifehack: Your experience and self-presentation play an important role when discussing salaries. Many vacancies don’t mention salaries. You can say your rate and get a decent offer. To upgrade your value in the eyes of an employer, why don’t you learn technical English?   

Тестирование геймплея в Windows, Android, iOS и соцсетях

93% graduates are happy with the training and ready to recommend us to their friends

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the training take?

The course lasts 6-7 weeks including attending lectures and completing practical tasks. Each lecture usually lasts 2 academic hours, and it will take you from 6 to 20 hours to complete each home assignment. That is why it is quite possible to combine our automation training courses with your regular job. 

Who is this course for?

The curriculum is aimed at those who are already working in testing and who want to understand how to automate routine tasks. The key to automatization is programming; so, you should be ready to get to know it and not to be afraid of writing code. 

What should I learn before the course starts?

We recommend grasping the basic concepts of QA, principles of performing functional testing, programming basis and Java key constructions. If you are a fresher in QA, we recommend taking our basic course firstly and then coming back to this very course. 

What does a testing automation specialist do?

Every time developers launch a new product or update the existing one, it is necessary to check if everything works well and without any defects. A tester creates a test scenario and writes a program to implement it. They work in Selenium WebDriver and Git.  

Why does a QA specialist need to write code?

If you want to become a testing automation engineer, you won’t have any automation without programming. It does not mean you have to learn to program for years. It rather means you have to learn basic algorithms and a programming language, e.g., Java to create auto tests. 

Is it possible to grow from a functional test into an automation specialist?

Yes, it is. It is a logical wayEven after this online training in Java automation testing, you can continue working as a manual tester, but the skills of automation will help you perform some things at work faster. And this is a good reason for asking your employer for a pay rise. 

Do you help with job placement?

Yes, we do. We offer to work for a1qa team to a lot of graduates. Each graduate, who would like to look for a job themselves, gets some assistance in creating a resume and LinkedIn profile and a reference letter as well. 

Are there any specific requirements for trainees on this course?

We have worked out the curriculum especially for those who already understand QA basis, know functional testing and maybe have already worked in this field. A general understanding of OOP and Java syntax will be very valuable. 

Can I take this course if I don’t live in Kazakhstan?

Yes, you can. This is an online course in automated QA testing. Therefore, we don’t care where you are. 

How to pay for the course?

Send a request from this page. Our manager will get in touch with you and will send a special code. If you face any issues, contact our managers – they will help solve everything. 

What is QA Academy?

QA academy is a training center for future specialists in the sphere of software testing. We work on the base of a1qa company which has provided testing services for more than 20 years. In 2013 our center started teaching students mostly to prepare specialists for a1qa. Up to now we have trained more than 10,000+ specialists from 20 countries. 

Why should I join particularly QA Academy training?

You will get a chance to learn from hands-on specialists who are working in QA there and then.  

Besides, we carefully monitor the quality of our training and the graduates’ results. Our aim is to train as many testers as possible for our own projects. 


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